Washington County ARES 2016 S.E.T.Drill Completed

Washington County ARES successfully conducted its annual Simulated Emergency Test (SET) across September 22-24, 2016. The scenario was a Pandemic like outbreak requiring Washington County ARES members to communicate from their home station or portable station. This SET test used multiple bands and modes to assess ARES capabilities. QSO's were obtained on HF and VHF and used voice, CW, and digital modes. A secondary goal was to get an 80% participation rate among the 31 members. While we only obtained 52% participation, we were able to successfully achieve communications on all the modes and bands. Some were slightly more challenging however. An additional goal was to assess our capability to communicate using DC power as the power source. Half of the ARES members used DC power on some or all of the QSO's. Thanks to all who participated and supported our SET. And, Thanks especially to our Net Control Stations N0UC and N0BM, Dick and Brian, for taking on this especially important role!!