ARES Build Day scheduled for Saturday, April 25; and held at Woodbury High School

Washington County ARES will hold its Build Day on Saturday, April 25, from 9:30 to 12 noon. The three projects will be NVIS antennas, FL digi and mesh network. Both hardware and software will be dealt with thanks to our ARES members who are experts in each of these areas. If you are interested in joining the group to participate or to observe, contact EC John Regan before coming. These projects will help our group be better prepared for communications duties and give us experience in the digital communications area.
Ten ARES members, some from outside our group, attended the event. For 2.5 hours hams worked on the three spotlighted projects: NVIS antennas, mesh networking, and FL digi. It was enjoyable and much was learned, thanks to our experts! (Thanks, Skip, Dick, and Mike T.!!