MNWASHCO ARES Net Schedule Appears Below; Join us on frequency 146.985 negative offset, 7 pm

Washington County ARES
Net Control Station Schedule - 2015
146.985, Negative offset, No tone (until further notice); future change to 147.180+, PL 74.4
Month Date Day Topic
January 15th Sun What would you like to see in 2015 net topics and activities
February 1st Sun General comments; Go Kits and what you have learned about them
15th Sun Incident Command System Review - See MNWASHCOARES Folder
March 1st Sun MNWASHCOARES Emergency Plan - Review; QSY to 146.52 for Check-in
15th Sun Types of Nets: Resource, Tactical, Traffic, Command;EmCHbk-6,PSHdbk-14
April 5th Sun Emergency Power Night - operate in e power mode (no ac); QSY to 146.85, then 146.52
15th Wed Check-in Drill - Call, Loc., Time available, Personal equipment available
May 3rd Sun Skywarn reporting - reportable events, terms
15th Fri Basic Message Handling - Op Man Ch.5; PSHdbk Ch.14
June 15th Mon Practice passing/receive one formal message each: ARRL radiogram format
July 15th Wed Preparing for deployment - list, equipment, personal, meds, See our web site
August 15th Sat Equipment choices and Go-Kits for deployment: PSHdbk Ch.12, own experience
September 6th Sun NCS Choice
15th Tues First Aid Basics
October 4th Sun SET Review from prior Saturday
15th Thur Safety considerations if deployed
November 1st Sun Outside Training to consider: ARRL, FEMA, CERT, other
15th Sun Memorandums of Understanding: Who do we have them with & purposes
December 6th Sun Year End Review: what went well, what should we repeat, what should
Alternatives: (1) Name our Served Agencies we add next year, what should we drop?
(2) Deployment setup, initial ops, shutdown
(3) Types of power sources

Substitutes: Please get your own sub. If you can not make a net control commitment from the list below.
John, ka0hyr, 651-491`-6611;
Mike, kf6wqh, 651-436-5505;

Any other NCS above V 1.2, Jan. 26, 2015