Washington County ARES members Review 2014, look toward 2015 with suggestions

The January 15th (2015) ARES Net asked members who checked into the net three questions: (1) What topics would you like kept or added to the Net topics?; (2) Which activities should we keep for 2015; (3) What new ARES activities should we add for 2015?

A. Topics for the Net: Those who commented on this issue indicated that Net topics should remain the same. No additional topics were suggested. Keep Basic Message Handling.
B. Which Activities should be kept for 2015?: The list of activities from the past year were acceptable to those who commented on this question. The list of activities was in the latest Newsletter and will be presented to Assistant EC's fort comment and approval.
C. What new ARES activities should be added for 2015? 800 MHz training was missed last year and should be held in 2015. Two members suggested Red Cross First Aid training in the classroom for ARES members. Also suggested was a session(s) on digital communications and FL Digi so others can learn to use this digital method.