Simulated Emergency Test (SET) in progress October 4th 2014

Washington County ARES is conducting its Simulated Emergency Test (SET) Saturday, October 4th, at multiple sites in Washington County and additional metro sites. Communications are being provided from hospitals, shelter sites, and a simulated EOC site. Formal written messages are being passed in both voice and digital formats (email, ICS 213, and ARRL Radiogram). FM and hf frequencies are in use. The purposes of our drill today are to increase our capabilities provide communications services to served agencies, to pass formal written traffic, and to operate on emergency power with radios, computers, and printers apart from the normal infra-structure (such as internet and phones). We are operating in accordance with Federal law, FCC Rules and Regulations part 97; our specific overall purpose in conducting this drill is stated in Part 97.1(a). "Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communications service particularly with respect to providing emergency communications." The cold weather simply provides a realistic setting for a disaster drill.