Plans Forming for October 4th Simulated Emergency Test (SET 2014); AEC's to meet and finalize plans.

Rough Draft plans for the October 4th Simulated Emergency Test (SET) for 2014 have been roughed out and sent to Assistant Emergency Coordinators (AEC's) for review and revision. AEC's will meet on September 10th to finalize plans. This year we will endeavor to have communications across the 10 county metro area in order to test multi-county communications. Participants will use voice, digital, and CW. Formal message traffic will also be utilized. Multiple sites will be staffed and used as communications centers. An additional goal will be to get as many Amateur Radio Operators involved as possible; this would parallel a real, large scale disaster. Hams in the area are encouraged to "pencil in" the SET drill on their calendars for October 4th in the morning for participation. Whether you want to participate fully or simply check in, or somewhere in between, all are encouraged to join us on October 4th.