Lake St. Croix Beach declares Emergency, calls Washington County ARES for communications and monitoring help

Lake St. Croix Beach City Council declared an Emergency Wednesday evening, June 25, begin pumping water from low areas in order to keep roads from flooding. The pumping will begin Thursday, June 26. Washington County ARES members have been called to provide communications and monitoring of the pumps, hoses, and the dike beginning June 26. The city's Emergency Manager has established an 8 am to 8 pm time period for hams to provide services. The city fronts the St. Croix River. Water has seeped into low lying areas behind the dike and threatens to cover one of the main roads into and out of the residential area of the city. Hams will set up a station on June 26 and begin communications and checks in accordance with the MOU in place with the city and in accordance with directions form the Emergency Manager. Concern has also been expressed about the prediction of an additional 2-3 inches of rain for the weekend of June 28-29. Pumping may extend 1-2 weeks once it has started.