May 17th Deployment Drill successful, tested deployment steps

Washington County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) held its deployment drill on Saturday morning, May 17th. The scenario was based on a loss of communications and electrical infrastructure for the drill. Amateur Radio Members of Washington County ARES were directed to follow pre-deployment steps established in their WashCoARES folder. These included checking the safety of their homes and families, loading their Go Kit into the car, wearing their ARES photo ID card, and checking into the Logistics Net. Deployment steps that were practiced included simulated reporting to the marshaling location, getting credentialed, receiving an assignment, and reporting to that assigned location. Locations included hospitals and shelter locations at schools. Logistics Net Control and Tactical Net control were established and received check-ins. A simulated EOC was set up at a central location. Communications were established and maintained using both repeaters (including VHF and UHF) and simplex frequencies. 95% of the voice communications were "loud and clear." In addition, one formal message was passed. The drill was deemed a success. The nice weather as well as conflicts for hams (Dayton Ham Convention, work, family) were a challenge, but turnout was the best we could achieve and was considered adequate for communications purposes. A debrief was held at the Woodbury Old Country Buffet.
The forth coming events include the Go Kit Picnic and the Simulated Emergency Test (SET) drill on October 4th.