Year End Feedback Gathered; More Sought

The December 15th MNWASHCOARES Net topic was getting feedback from participants on the years activities by Washington County ARES. This story reports the feedback received from net participants and is listed below. No items that were provided by more than one ARO are repeated. Comments received are as follows: 1. The net had a small turnout sometimes (once only 2 persons); we need more participants. 2. One net per month would be better (said by 4 members); easier to remember and better. 3. A fixed date is better than a fixed day. 4. Two nets per month are better (said by two members); covers more topics. 5. Either one or two nets per month is just fine. OK with the decision. 6. The good things from last year were the Saturday Build Day (4 members), SET, including ADA Walk-a-thon (3 members), and picnic (2 members; should have more attend; good to see other's equipment). 7. Really like the email reminder for the net (3 members). 8. Rotate some Net Control Operators around. Give more members a chance to do this job. 9. Like the net topics. 10. There will always be conflicts with our nets. Just hold them.
Members please provide any additional feedback via email to EC or AEC's soon.
The AEC's and EC will meet and decide on any changes based on feedback. The Newsletter and change information will come out shortly after this.