2013 Simulated Emergency Test Very Successful, Best Yet. Thanks and Kudos to Particpants!!

The 2013 SET was the best ever: the most participants, the largest distance covered, the most formal messages passed, the best digital message traffic, and more National Traffic System (NTS) traffic. 23 participants gathered in Washington County and extended as far as Pine County in the north to Goodhue County in the south. Both hf frequencies and 2 meter repeaters were used. Relay stations were necessary and effective. During the drill, traffic was passed across 120 miles of ether. Formal written message traffic was passed from hospitals through net control to the EOC (simulated) for the disaster communications drill, both voice and digital. Digital traffic was passed using FL Digi software via 2 meter simplex. Messages were passed and received to/from Washington County, Oregon. A Debrief was held at the Old Country Buffet in Woodbury. A list was made of things that went well and things that need to be addressed and improved. EC KA0HYR said, "This was a very good drill for MN Washington County ARES. We took a step up in exercising our capabilities and procedures." Thanks to all participants in this drill!! NICE JOB!!