Build Day goes well, completes projects

Despite the cold and inhospitable weather, we had a good turnout of Washington County ARES members for construction projects. The largest group finished support bases for antenna masts for an elevated mobile 2m antenna with a base plate held down by a vehicle or a weight. It enables a ham to get an antenna up in the air 15 - 25 feet for better communications. We found a great welder in the group who stepped up and corrected and completed the top plates in Joe (KC0OIO). Several from that group also completed J-pole antennas from ladder line and TV lead in wire. They calculated the wire lengths, soldered and tuned them, and then operated with them doing a radio check. A third group put together a sound card interface box from a kit that will enable a ham operator to use FL digi and other digital soft ware programs to communicate. The kit was successfully completed. Projects turned out very well and folks had fun. Another Build Day will be considered in the future; comments welcome.