Washington County ARES dismantles Lake St. Croix Beach emergency communications station

The flood threat on the St. Croix River has declined significantly in the past days. The station has been dismantled and the admin and record keeping items have been packed and stored. Our group had a triple win on this flood: (1) planning and preparation for providing communications services on a real event, and (2) no damage to the city, and (3) we did not have to stand any 12 hour watches. I want to thank every ARES member for their willingness to serve and support our served agency: Lake St. Croix Beach. Our group put in 68 volunteer hours for tasks such as set up, orientation and dike tour, making city ID badges for hams, station take down and regular checks of the dike and internal city flooding. THANKS to Washington County ARES members!!! John Regan, ARES EC, KA0HYR