St. Croix reaches apparent second crest Tuesday, April 12; decreasing now; Internal pumping started

The St. Croix River reached a crest of 687.28 on Tuesday, April 12, 2011, and is now on the way down. Although originally projected to reach a second crest height of 687.8 on April 13-14 (and one forecast for Saturday, April 16), the crest was below that; no additional snow or any rain event since the first crest contributed to a lower crest. We will now continue to watch the river in hopes of a continuing decline to normal levels. The city has started internal pumping of low spots to clear roads of water; no communications support is needed. Thanks to all ARES members and regional hams for their support as we prepared for possible deployment. Unofficial History: the first crest occured on April 4th at a height of 685.61. The second crest occured on April 12 at a height of 687.28. The second crest was predicted to be higher and records from the National Weather Service posted on the web showed that it was higher.