Special MNWashCoARES meeting on Saturday, April 2 at 9 AM: Lake St. Croix Beach City Hall

There will be a special meeting of MNWashCoARES members at the Lake St. Croix Beach City Hall, located at 16455 20th Street South on Washington County 18/Old St. Croix Trail. (Take I-94 east towards Wisconsin; take the last exit before crossing the St. Croix River Bridge, Exit 258, and proceed 2.9 miles south to the brick city hall building on the left/east side of the highway. For reference, a Freedom gas station is across the road from city hall.)

This meeting will be an orientation for hams coming to stand communications watches in Lake St. Croix Beach for flood fighting. Topics include an orientation to the radio set-up, city hall, and the city area; procedures we will follow, and credential and ID card distribution.

The crest for the Sr. Croix River is forecast to reach 86.2 feet today (March 31) and then begin a slow decline. This is 8/10ths of a foot below flood stage. However, forecasters warn that we should be ready for a second crest in April and it is expected to be higher than this first crest.

We will use HT's primarily and 800 MHz radios. Make sure your batteries are charges and ready to go. As you make tours of the dike areas, you may be able to use your mobile rig, but that will be secondary. Ht's with 70 cm frequencies will be primary.

Thank you for your support of ARES and Lake St. Croix Beach.