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Is your "Go Kit" organized and ready to go?

April 4 ARES net topic was the readiness of your "Go Kit." Each check-in talked about elements important to them: Kit in the vehicle already; tote with battery, cables, and antenna; sleeping bag, sustenance and water; water proof boxes with your radio and power supply; Check List for packing; portable antenna, mast, and base support; personal items; VHF/UHF radio preferred over HF for an ARES deployment. The discussion was interesting and thorough and enjoyable. (Next Net: April 15th, 7 PM.) KA0HYR

How is your "power in the field?"

The March 15 Washington County ARES Net on the 147.180 repeater dealt with the topic," What do you have for field power?" Each check-in was asked to report the types of "off the grid" power that they had available to them. Most reported that they had batteries and a vehicle as alternate power. Some also reported generators for their batteries or for their home. This is a good topic to keep in mind. Thanks to AB0XE, Steve, for helping us assess our capabilities. (John Regan, KA0HYR, Washington County ARES EC)

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