To provide support and communications to our served communities.

MNWashCoARES Meeting held on March 6th, Tuesday, 6:30 PM, Woodwinds Hospital

The regular first quarter meeting of Washington County ARES was held on Tuesday, March 6th, at 6:30 - 8 PM at Woodwinds Hospital, Administrative Conference Room. Agenda items included renewal of ID cards, Healtheast credentialing, annual schedule, hospital evacuation drills, and other items of concern. Healtheast Security Coordinator Katherine Grimm, also a MNWashCoARES member, presented some of the challenges and ham radio efforts used at Joplin, Missouri, during their 2011 F5 tornado. Eleven members were in attendance.

MNVOAD scheduled March 24; pre-registration required

Minnesota Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (MNVOAD) has scheduled its regular annual conference on March 24 from 9 AM to 4 PM at the Hennepin Vo Tech in Eden Prairie. Topics will include Ham Radio at the 2011 Pagami Fire in NE MN as well as other topics of interest. Fee is $20. To register go to and complete the Survey monkey registration; no walk-in registrations.

SEMARC Digital Net held each Wednesday. Join the group!

A regular digital net is held each Wednesday after the SEMARC Activity Net. It starts at approximately 8:35 PM. Voice check-ins are taken on the 146.985 repeater (no PL Tone). Once participants are identified, digital messages are sent and received using the FL Digi software on 146.550 FM Simplex. You can download the FL Digi softwarefrom the web site . It is suggested that you download the software programs for FL Digi and FL Message to begin with.

December 15th ARES Net looks at Year In Review

Our MNWASHCOARES Net this evening focused on the topic: The Year In Review. The Washington County ARES group is at 52 members. There were 72 nets conducted on 2 meters and that will rise to 74 nets by the end of the year. Members participated in 3 quarterly meetings at served agencies; spring flooding set-up and briefing at Lake St.

Simulated Emergency Test (SET) completed on October 1

The SET Exercise for 2011 was scheduled and held on Saturday, October 1, 2011. The exercise was in the Recon Rally format to check coverage across the length of Washington County and was designed and headed by Assistant Emergency Coordinator (AEC) Mike (KF6WQH). Twelve MNWashCoARES members participated in the exercise including 2m voice communications with the (simulated) EOC, signal reports, detailed forms of GPS locations and maps, and logs. Traffic was also received from and passed to another county EOC as part of the exercise. The exercise concluded with a debrief by participants.

Go Kit picnic fun and a learning experience

August 6th saw nine of our members get together to review each other's Go Kits and have a lunch from the grill. The problem we all face, according to attendees, is the same: what to bring and how to organize the radio, power source, and antenna. But, the solutions were as varied as the members. We observed a station in a comm van, a station in a trailer (and one member made a contact with the Red Wing Special Event Station), equipment in a back pack, in a rolling back pack, in a tote with organizational materials, and in a pelican case. Antennas were also varied.

Washington County ARES dismantles Lake St. Croix Beach emergency communications station

The flood threat on the St. Croix River has declined significantly in the past days. The station has been dismantled and the admin and record keeping items have been packed and stored. Our group had a triple win on this flood: (1) planning and preparation for providing communications services on a real event, and (2) no damage to the city, and (3) we did not have to stand any 12 hour watches. I want to thank every ARES member for their willingness to serve and support our served agency: Lake St. Croix Beach.

St. Croix River continues to drop; need for hams diminished

The St. Croix River has declined below flood stage this Monday morning to 685.9 feet at 6 am. The ham radios and antennas have been pulled and repacked for future use. Most sand bags stockpiled at the dike area are being dismantled and emptied. Thanks to ARES hams who signed up for communications duties and for all your preparation, attention, and willingness to serve!!

St. Croix reaches apparent second crest Tuesday, April 12; decreasing now; Internal pumping started

The St. Croix River reached a crest of 687.28 on Tuesday, April 12, 2011, and is now on the way down. Although originally projected to reach a second crest height of 687.8 on April 13-14 (and one forecast for Saturday, April 16), the crest was below that; no additional snow or any rain event since the first crest contributed to a lower crest. We will now continue to watch the river in hopes of a continuing decline to normal levels. The city has started internal pumping of low spots to clear roads of water; no communications support is needed.

Ham Activation to Red River delayed; Pre-deployment Call Out Notice issued for Minnesota ARES members

SEC Dan Anderson has issued a Pre-deployment Notice for hams able to travel to the Moorhead Minnesota District 3 area in support of flood fighting efforts. As of Tuesday, April 12, the activation has been delayed until further notice. Local hams will carry the effort for the duration of the flood, and the deployment is on hold. Continue to check this MNWashCoARES web site and check the state ARES web site at Contact EC John Regan if you are interested in going.

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