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December 15th Net Topic: The Year in Review

Our last ARES net of the year will have as its topic: "The Year in Review: What went well, what needs changing?" Join us for the net and participate in the discussion.

Ham Radio is active during Hurricane Sandy; check these sites (as of Nov. 5)

Here is a list of some of the sites that provide information on ham radio usage during the Hurricane Sandy response period.
1. Check the page under "News & Features" tab. The first two pages had three stories. There was quite a bit of activity across the eastern states.
2. Check New York ARECS page:
3. Try ; you can copy and paste it in your browser or (joy) type it all in by hand (not recommended).

Minnesota ARES SET scheduled for October 20

The Minnesota ARES Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is scheduled for October 20th. The frequencies are listed on their web site. Check out the notice and participate if you can: .

6 October 2012 SET very successful, a step up for services

MN Washington County ARES has completed another very successful Simulated Emergency Test (SET) on Saturday, October 6th. Nineteen (19) ARES members participated in the event from more than ten (10) locations throughout Washington County Minnesota. The drill also combined with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Walk-a-thon held in Stillwater at the same time under the leadership of George (KC0WOA) as communications director.

Simulated Emergency Test (S.E.T.) scheduled for October 6, Saturday

This year's Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is scheduled for Saturday, October 6th. We will be sending traffic from several locations within Washington County in support of SET. We will also roll this event into the ADA Walk-A-Thon in Stillwater under the leadership of George Madline(KC0WOA) as part of the drill, giving us a chance to pass real time traffic for a public service event. There will be a debrief following the drill. Get this date scheduled into your calendar for the morning of October 6th and plan to exercise your communications capabillity across Washington County.

Next MNWashCoARES Meeting June 19th; 6:15 PM: (Note time change)

The next regular MNWashCoARES meeting will be held on June 19th at 6:15 PM in the parking lot of All Saints Lutheran Church in Cottage Grove. The meeting will be in conjunction with the Prairie Island Relocation Drill in which we will be participating. The main topic will be drill preparation. Future events will also be covered. Plan to attend and spend time with your fellow Emcomm operators.

Hospital Communications Drill May 17th

WashCOARES members can participate in a hospital communications drill at 12 noon on Thursday, May 17th. The drill will start on the 147.180 Repeater (PL 74.4). The net will include a voice check in at 12 noon, a simplex check-in at 12:15 on 146.550 FM Simplex, and an FL Digi Net at 12:30 on 146.550 FM Simplex. Hospital details are included in a detailed email sent May 13. Check in and support our ARES training and preparation.

FCC Seeks Public Comments on Amateur Radio EmComm and Impediments to Amateur Radio Communications

Congress has directed the FCC to conduct a study on amateur radio's role in emergency and disaster communications and the impact of private land use regulations on the ability of amateur radio to provide such communications. This study is time critical, requiring public comment be complete by May 17th.

Next ARES Meeting Scheduled for April 5th, Lakeview Hospital in Stillwater

Our next MNWashCoARES meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 5th at 6:30 PM in the Lakeview Hospital, Stillwater. 6:30 - 7:30 PM will be training for the Prairie Island Relocation Drill for those hams signed up to participate. The remaining agenda (starting at 7:30 PM) includes ID Card renewal, preparation for the hospital evacuation drills in May for Healtheast hospitals, tour of the radio location, distribution of Healtheast ID cards for credentialed hams, and other training items. Bring any new FEMA ICS course completion certificates with you.

Get Your ID Card Renewed This Month ! !

MNWashCoARES ID cards expire for all members on March 15, 2012. You must get them renewed at an ARES meeting, or at a SARA or SEMARC meeting. Those who have pictures on file will just have to sign the pre-printed card and have it given to them once it is laminated at the meeting. Those without pictures on file will have to have a picture taken at the meeting and have the laminated card mailed to them. So far, we have 15 ARES members who have renewed their cards. Please attend one of these meetings and get your card renewed. Thanks for your support of ARES.

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