To provide support and communications to our served communities.

Go Kit Picnic on Schedule for July 12th

The Washington County ARES Go Kit Picnic is scheduled for July 12th at Ojibway Park in Woodbury, 11:30 - 1. All members are invited to attend. Contact John (KA0HYR) if you are going to attend so there will be enough meat and food. Bring either a Go Kit to show to attendees, or a note pad to jot down ideas. The location is the picnic shelter near the band shell.

ARES members from Washington County complete service to Lake St. Croix Beach

Washington County ARES members were called to Lake St. Croix Beach to assist in carrying out the city's Emergency Plan on flood response. While our ARES group was participating in a Prairie Island Relocation Drill on June 25th, the LSCB City Council was meeting and declared a flood emergency effective June 25. Emergency Manager Brad Peters, WD9GNJ, contacted EC John Regan, KA0HYR, to begin activation. The Emergency Plan of the city calls for amateur radio operators from Washington County ARES to monitor pumps and the dike from Minor Flood Stage to Major Flood Stage.

Lake St. Croix Beach declares Emergency, calls Washington County ARES for communications and monitoring help

Lake St. Croix Beach City Council declared an Emergency Wednesday evening, June 25, begin pumping water from low areas in order to keep roads from flooding. The pumping will begin Thursday, June 26. Washington County ARES members have been called to provide communications and monitoring of the pumps, hoses, and the dike beginning June 26. The city's Emergency Manager has established an 8 am to 8 pm time period for hams to provide services. The city fronts the St. Croix River.

Relocation Drill held June 25 at new facility to check frequencies, drill on procedures

Washington County ARES members participated in the Relocation Drill held at a new location to drill on procedures and to check frequencies. The new location is Park High School in Cottage Grove. The frequencies were checked for reliability and signal strength in the concrete and steel building.

May 17th Deployment Drill successful, tested deployment steps

Washington County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) held its deployment drill on Saturday morning, May 17th. The scenario was based on a loss of communications and electrical infrastructure for the drill. Amateur Radio Members of Washington County ARES were directed to follow pre-deployment steps established in their WashCoARES folder. These included checking the safety of their homes and families, loading their Go Kit into the car, wearing their ARES photo ID card, and checking into the Logistics Net.

MN WASHCO ARES NNET Newsletter being distributed to members; watch for electronic arrival

The May - August NNET (News, Needs, Events, and Training) Newsletter is drafted and will be sent electronically by April 30. Upcoming ARES events as well as net information and ham fests and public service events are listed. Please keep a copy close by so you can make as many events as possible.

Deployment Drill scheduled for May 17

Our spring drill this year will be a Deployment Drill on May 17 from 9 - 10 AM. Each ARES member will select a site, deploy to that site, and check into the net. There will be an option to pass formal written traffic on simplex as well. We will debrief at Woodbury OCB afterwards. Detailed document is coming out. Reserve the date and make the commitment to practice with us!

St. Croix River Rise Slows

The St. Croix River at Afton measured 683.6 feet Thursday evening, April 17. This has remained essentially the same for the past three days. This measure is in the "Action" Stage for flood preparation for Lake St. Croix Beach, with whom Washington County ARES has a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU); we are also in their emergency plan for providing communications in the event of a flood or disaster. It appears that we will not need to prepare a station and staff this spring, just based on forecasts and the current river rise. This page will be kept updated on the St.

KS0J Repeater used by Washington County ARES off the air for water tower painting; switching to 146.985

Attention! We will no longer have use of the KS0J repeater until further notice. The reason is that the water tower on which it rests is being painted. Preparations include having the antenna and coax taken down so that the tower can be painted (inside and out). SO, we will move our nets to the 146.985 machine until further notice. Thanks to N0UC for coordinating this and for orchestrating our use of 146.985 - (No PL Tone) repeater for the Washington County ARES Nets.

ARMER 800 MHZ Radio Training for April 13 Now CANCELLED

ARMER 800 MHZ Radio Training originally scheduled for Sunday afternoon, April 13, at the SEOC, is cancelled due to conflicts for the SEOC building. This training is expected to be rescheduled in May. Watch this web site for the new date. KA0HYR

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